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Experience Dog Boarding at Waldenway’s Camp

At Waldenway Canine & Kitty Camp we strive to be more than a cat boarding and dog kennel facility. We believe that while you enjoy your vacation – so should your pet. Our staff is expertly trained and true animal lovers! We are all committed to ensuring your pet’s stay is positive, fun, and stress-free, every time.

Rookie clearly has a great time at Waldenway! She runs out happy and is exhausted – signs of good play time! Thanks for taking great care of our girl! We’re so glad we found such a great place to leave her for an adventure while we go on our own adventures.


What to Expect

Before Your Stay

You are welcome to send along anything you’d like, although you don’t have to send anything at all. Every dog and puppy are comforted by the smell of home – so please feel free to send along your pet’s bed, favourite blanket, or even your slipper! It’s recommended to send your dog’s food from home as it’s easier on their stomachs to have something they’re already used to.

For our doggy campers, we require every camper to be vaccinated with the Distemper/Parvovirus combo vaccination as well as the Rabies vaccination. Although not required, we highly recommend that all campers are vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine, the Lyme vaccine and tick and Heartworm prevention. Our campers’ health and safety are our top priorities. Having your pet vaccinated helps us ensure the safety of your pet and our campers.

  • ...feel free to send along your pet’s bed, favourite blanket, or slipper!

During Your Stay

Every doggy has access to their personal outdoor run from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm. Campers are capable of deciding if they’d like to be indoors or outdoors throughout their fun-filled day. On top of that, each camper is let out into one of our park-like yards for 20 minutes, four times a day, to run, sniff, and play. Meal times and feeding schedules here at Camp are entirely as you instruct us to make them. No request is too bizarre! For in-between meals, and free time out in the yard, know that every camper in our dog boarding and kenneling facility receives lots of love and attention throughout the day. Good meals, lots of love, exercise and all the fresh country air your pooch can handle…all day, every day.

Long Term Stays

Included in a week’s stay or longer, your doggy will be weighed and checked over from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose, every four days, to ensure the health of your pet. This will include a personal wellness report! Missing your fur-kid? No worries! Our staff at Waldenway would be delighted to provide you with an update and pictures upon request. You can contact us through email, phone or text!

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We go above and beyond to ensure your dog's vacation is one for the books

I’ve been taking my dog to Waldenway for over 8 years. It’s the only place that I would board her. I find the staff and owner exemplary. They are professional, caring, fun and responsible. The environment is clean and very well maintained! We have left her many times for long periods and have complete peace of mind while we’re away. We always get quick responses when we email or call. She comes home tired and relaxed after being at Waldenway. I’ve told friends about Waldenway and they, too, are very pleased! I highly recommend Waldenway. There is no better place near Winnipeg, or probably the country

Carol Dupuis

Extra Services

Shuttle Service

Our shuttle van runs in the morning from our facility to Winnipeg and surrounding areas between the hours of 7:30am – 10am Monday – Saturday. The service operates regardless of weather conditions, when it’s raining, snowing, or if the sun is shining! If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to pick up or drop off your pets at our boarding facility, we’d be more than happy to do it for you! We also do airport runs as requested!


Pamper your pal by booking them in for a well-deserved bath and grooming before they check-out or call and book your weekday appointment. Your pet will thank you!!

Pamper your pal by booking them in for a well-deserved bath and grooming

Play Time

If your pooch has lots of extra energy or needs some loving, add in some playtime sessions to their camp stay! These one-on-one sessions with a staff member can be done as often as you’d like! We offer a variety of activities which are on top of the 4×20 minute yard times and are an additional cost. These sessions can be done as a 15 or 30-minute session.
Nature walks are done around the property and by the beach using a martingale collar and leash. This is a great activity for dogs who love to explore and smell everything!

Beach Time

We have a pond that is open seasonally, so that your dogs can enjoy a cool off while playing fetch! We add 2 products into the pond called Muck Away & Blue Pond to help with the clearness of the water and keep algae at bay. Each dog is towel dried after their swim session, and the ears are cleaned out to make sure there is no residual water left. They are always attached by the swim lead and a martingale collar to make sure they can’t run away or swim too far out.

Pamper your pal by booking them in for a well-deserved bath and grooming